Eco Wool Batting

Our Premium Eco-Wool batting is the highest quality batting we have worked with in the past 20 years of making wool bedding. Since our wool is grown and produced without the use of any chemicals, the result is a softer and more resilient wool batting. Use this pure wool batting as the filling for bedding and toys or make your own felted crafts.

Why We Love Eco Wool


  • Supports small family farmers in the USA
  • Encourages sustainable farming with minimized chemical use
  • Lasts for many years and maintains resiliency and give like no other fiber
  • Works great for those who suffer from allergies and sensitivities.

Our wool batting is available in natural off white   Our comforter batting is about 1/2" thick when lofty and our extra thick batting is about 1" thick when lofty. Wool batting weights and dimensions vary slightly from piece to piece.  3 yards of thick batting will be compressed in the box but will spring back when removed from the box.  Please call us if you need single pieces larger than what is listed.


Our wool batting is now available in 1, 2, and 3 yard pieces with free shipping!

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Price: $45.00
In Stock

Size Price Width x Length (in inches)
1 Yard Comforter Batting 88" W Price: $45.00 88 x 36
2 Yards Comforter Batting 88"W Price: $75.00 88 x 72
3 Yards Comforter Batting 88"W Price: $105.00 88 x 108
1 Yard Extra Thick Batting 80"W Price: $65.00 80 x 36
2 Yards Extra Thick Batting 80"W Price: $115.00 80 x 72
3 Yards Extra Thick Batting 80"W Price: $165.00 80 x 108
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1. Beth on 4/5/2013, said:

Incredible product. I bought some for curiosity sake -- I wanted to know what went into the pillows and mattresses. This is soft, light, springy. I layered the batting I got into the dog's bed and she absolutely adores her bed now (and uhm... so do we. It's really comfortable.) When I do home projects that call for batting and stuffing -- I will buy more of this product.
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2. erin on 12/27/2010, said:

Excellent product!!!! The wool is very soft and not at all scratchy! Made perfect quilts and a great dog bed. Customer service was outstanding! Thank you again for offering such a great product.
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3. Emily on 4/28/2010, said:

I ordered the scraps for use as stuffing in felted pillows. I was so excited to receive my two pounds - it's a good amount of wool, lofty and perfect as stuffing, and looks like it would felt very nicely too (it's course enough for needle felting but clouded in the batt and not too course, so wet felting shouldn't be bad with it either). There is a little bit of vegetable matter in it (no more than I'm used to - it's to be expected) and it has a lovely lanolin smell (but not pungent). I couldn't be happier. Thank you!
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4. christine on 6/27/2009, said:

I just want to say a big " Thank You " for offering this SCRAP WOOL for sale. I bought a King pillow for myself ( which I left a review ) and decided to try some of the scrap wool for some projects I was doing. Love it !!! I'm a "crafty" person and am always in need of filling materials. I hate to buy that polyester junk they sell in the stores. Its so nice to be able to buy something healthy like this when I make stuffed toys for the kids. And for anyone interested, just so you know, it is scrap material. If your into making quilts or anything like that, then you should probably stick with the batting. But for me, for the things I use it for, it works great !!! I've also left a review of the King 38oz. pillow. The pillows are also terrific !!! I would never hesitate to buy any products from you guys. The free shipping you offered at the time of my order, was still 10X faster than amazon or anywhere else I've ordered online. The quality of product is amazing. I just can't say enough good things about your business and the way its run. I'm a loyal customer forever and wish you great success !! Thanks !!!
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